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29 December

Wedding Requests

We've had a great deal of requests recently for wedding collections as all brides and grooms get mountains of pictures taken by their guests as well as (and sometimes instead of) the professional photographer. But what to do with them all? - usually nothing!

Despite this being the most significant and memorable day in most people's lives it is amazing how many people still don't have any of their special day's memories on display. This is usually because no single picture, no matter how good, can ever capture everything that's important to you in one frame; and even though there are dozens of companies that can produce cheap canvasses or calendars etc. they do not replicate the professional finished quality that you would be proud to display on your wall.

My Collection is the perfect solution for displaying a group of selected wedding images - so whether you have only your guests' photos or, if you have been married abroad, a disk containing professional images (with copyright usage given), we can tailor a wedding package to suit. In the coming months we will be showcasing some of the exciting things we can do with wedding collections, so whether it's an upcoming wedding, or one from years ago, we can produce an exceptional quality wedding display that records and celebrates your special occasion, and your life together, in a way that no other product can.

And then there's wedding anniversaries, engagements, honeymoons ...

Wedding photographs